Friday, December 5, 2008

The Daily Spike

All I can really say is, I wished my 31-14 score held up. In one word that game was....embarassing. Honestly, I thought about writing something last night but couldn't find the right words. This morning, nothing has changed. That was embarassing on all accounts. This team, this school has NO organization and NO plan...and that rests with coaches and administration.
Eric Crawford of the Courier-Journal had a good article about this same thing.
Check out the article, it makes sense. We NEED and MUST DEMAND ANSWERS. Where is this program going guys?
What is coming back next season?
Who is the quarterback next season?
What is the secondary going to look like next season?
My guess is he won't BUT will Ron English be back?
Even if he is can we really believe we'll win roads game at UK, UConn,
Like Crawford asks, what is the recruiting plan?
Why in 2 years have top athletes in high talent states started ignoring our program?
These are serious questions. They need to be answered.
Let me ask a couple more...
Why are we the worst team in the Big East...and Big East that includes Rutgers, Syracuse, UConn, South Florida...why are we the WORST team out of all those teams?
Why are we the new home for JUCO's?
Why does Jeff Brohm catch NO heat? After all, isn't the offense as tough to watch as the defense.
Why does Cantwell have a major flaw in his throwing motion BUT nobody bothers to fix?

Why am I still talking about this?'s time for basketball...drown your sorrows in that!

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