Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Daily Spike...Tom Izzo Edition

I'm going all over the map's some tidbits for your morning. I'll be quick, corporate types coming in to work today...I look like a million bucks.

1. Michigan State - I'm getting a little sick of Michigan State already this season. Usually they annoy me by playing hyped up ESPN games...let's face it this is a true Big 10 team. UNC dominated Michigan State at FORD FIELD 98-63. That's 2 early season loses for the fighting Spartans. Let's face it the Big 10 is the same for football and basketball. It's a lost cause. Here's an idea for Izzo...GET THUGS. The 6'8 guys that look like Trevor Kelsey need to go. Why does UNC dominate? Why has Memphis, UCLA, and UNC been so dominate....athleticism. I'm not sure Michigan State has much of that. But of course in the Big 10 I KNOW that IU, Wisconsin, Penn State, Northwestern, etc have NONE!

2. Tommy Tuberville OUT at Auburn. No big surprise here. Also no big surprise that the War Eagle want "our man" Bobby Petrino. It took 12 football games before Petrino's name comes up to move again. But this time he's stuck. Due to his contract, yes his contract, he CANNOT leave the Pigs to go to another SEC West team...sorry Bobby P.

PS - I think this tattoo is real. I have 100 dollars to any female who would do this....100 bucks straight cash $.

3. Important Bobby Petrino NOTE. I would like to say this is the last time this blog or any other blog/paper/internet site/radio station would STOP mentioning Petrino. What other school, besides LSU, mentions their former coaches as much as Louisville? Let me fill Louisville fans in on one thing...we ARE NOT LSU. Here's your assignment...find me 5 other BCS conference teams that nag and whine about their former coach. The fact is until Louisville fans can move on beyond Petrino they will NEVER be considered a big time program and will NEVER accept a new coach (unless he immediately wins). Michigan goes from pre season number 1 in the nation last season to a dismal performance from Rich Rod and you don't even heard murmurs from them!

4. Important Steve Kragthorpe NOTE. IF this man does resign, which is an obvious rumor, who gets the job? I have no idea where Louisville would even look. Here's my thought...find a real good coach (either former NFL or college) who has a track record. Louisville fans need to be coddled and told "we are going to win". That's one reason why Pitino doesn't always win but makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy that we CAN WIN if we believe in him and his system. Right now Louisville fans have NO system in which to believe.

We need someone who will restore recruiting (screw JUCO), restore pride, restore a fan base, and more importantly must have a plan. What is the plan at UL right now? Sit around and hope the Orange Bowl win continues to reap benefits. Again, how do UL fans/administration continue to prey on a win that happened under a different staff and not really in recent history. What recruits are we going after? What is the quarterback situation looking like? Is Bilal Powell happy? How do we replace Eric Wood? Why are we the laughing stock of sites such as Rivals and Scout? A 5-7 Tennessee team with a dead beat coach and coming off 2 straight losses has more 4 star guys committed than we have total...embarassing!

5. Rutgers prediction. This is where I will differ from anyone else on this blog, most likely. I am what you call a "realistic" fan. For instance, I'm a Giants fan. We're probably the strongest team in the league but this past week I really thought we were going to lose. Unfortunately, same for Louisville. Rutgers has better coaching, better QB play, home field advantage, and tons more mojo than Louisville. I hope the Cards can hang on and be considered for a bowl game BUT if not then Louisville is looking at 2 straight stations without bowling and this season a sub .500 record.

Welcome to Louisville football. Hey, at least it's basketball season!

Oh yeah, one more thing...

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