Friday, December 5, 2008

Does Embarassing Even Do It Justice?

I would compare it to being at a party on a cold winter night, I'm talking everybody who's anybody is there from hot women to your boss to your old buddies.Stepping out of the bathroom and walking through the party you realize people are laughing at you. You look down and you don't have any pants on, exposing yourself to what you think is the whole world. You cower in fear, wondering if anybody is going to look at you the same.

The Cards football team got caught with their pants down last night, allowing 63 points to a Mike Teel led Rutgers squad.

I don't know what is worse. Giving up 49 points in a half (35 in one quarter), letting a sub par QB throw for Tom Brady type numbers, or the fact that it happened as the feature game on ESPN's Thursday night football. It is a far cry from when the Cards avenged the "stomping of the bird" 52-5 a few years back. Somewhere Bobby Petrino is snickering.

Enough is enough and it is time for a change. The product on the field is crap and fans are starting to lose interest at a crucial time. The stadium expansion will soon be a thing of the past if Coach Krag continues to lead this program. No one in their right mind can say he has done a good or even average job as a general. His teams have laid enough eggs to fill up the chicken coup at John L Smith's farm. He is completely destructing our program from the ground up starting with his refusal to recruit anybody that is worth anything.To paraphrase Pitino "Amobi Okoye and Nate Harris aren't walking through that door". Well neither is even the likes of Kerry Rhodes or Peanut Whitehead. The door is slammed shut under Krag.

Krag needs to do us all a favor and call it quits within the next week. I heard his beloved Southeast Christian is looking for a new youth minister. That would be a perfect job for him. He is up to his neck already and the skies are dark ahead.

Coach Pitino apologized to fans for one poor performance against Western citing a bad week in practice. Krag's way of apologizing would be to pack his stuff and get the hell out of here. That's the only way he could atone for the losses he has dealt a program that was in the stratosphere when he took over.

I don't want to hear the "give him time to get his recuits" or "he was dealt a bad hand" rhetoric that local media types throw around all the time. We all know after the 939 the Ticket situation that you can't speak the truth around here or the hand of the almighty Tom Jurich might come crashing down. Its all BS used to cover up the fact that a once great AD in Jurich made a decision that might cost him the revenue producing program that made him look like such a great innovator. In actuality, without a successful football team, the rest of the sports will suffer with the exception of basketball. Jurich is stubborn beyond belief in this situation. Not taking away from what he has done, but Winston Churchill once said, "The price of greatness is responsibility" and Jurich needs to be responsible enough to eat his mistake for the greater good of the football program.

If Jurich is preaching patience then tell us specifically what we need to be patient for. Is it the Midwestern recruiting ties which have had 2 years to come to fruition but have produced nothing? Is it the discipline that comes with kicking most of the best players off an Orange Bowl team (we are the most penalized team in conference)? Is it the fact that we have a solid recruiting class of 9 players coming in with over 20 departing players? Is it the effort and improvement we saw from the team all year? Or could it be the high-octane offense Krag promised us? What is it Tommy? Please fill me in.

I have never been so insulted as a fan than I was last night. That was atrocious and there is no forseeable light at the end of the tunnel. I'm so sick of seeing a 5 yard route on third and 9 or a sweep (a f'n sweep) on 4th and 1. The play-calling is terrible, the work ethic is terrible and terrible would be a compliment to Krag after the way the team has performed the last two years. For example, a rival site for that redneck bunch up I-64 had a live blog last night just to clown the program. That is just ridiculous.

What would even be more ridiculous is if Jurich hangs with this joker for another week, let alone another year. Do us all a favor Tom and sit your buddy down, tell him you appreciate his effort, and then hand him his walking papers. You might just be able to rescue the program.

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