Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Daily Spike...What We've Learned Edition

Well, I'm back. Three and a half days stuck in Buffalo with family obligations is enough to make one crazy...not to mention the lack of internet. BUT, with all my time I did get to watch just about any sporting event that happened in the last few days...and yes even Louisville/Austin Peay was on! My weekend wouldn't be the same without Ari.

Anyways, here's what we learned this weekend in the world of sports...

1. I'm calling it right now. Colts @ Steelers in the AFC Championship Game. Let's face it, the Steelers get EVERY SINGLE CALL. I'm not saying Santonio Holmes' catch wasn't a touchdown, I'm just saying NO other team in the NFL would have a play reversed on the road, at a rival, and without indisputable evidence. Honestly, could Pittsburgh get luckier? Somehow, the NFL and instant replay have regressed. It apparently no longer means the right call will be made. Honestly, I think they just want Pittsburgh deep in the playoffs or Super Bowl....the economy needs good ratings and the only way to sell advertising is with GOOD TEAMS.

2. My G-Men are done. No continuity on offense. A defense that plays well but is always trying to hold on becasue the offense sputters. Eli is playing liek last season. The loss of Plaxico hurts more than I thought. He at least had to be accounted for when he played. BUT, we'll see, who knows. Right now, I see us losing to Carolina 27-10 on Sunday Night.

3. NBC Coverage of the NFL is embarassing. Not only is "Football Night in America" awful, but the call of the game is worse AND I don't mean Al and John. I like Michaels for the most part...but Al, when the GMen are down 6 with 5:30 to go in the game it's probably not a good idea to keep talking about the "great" victory by the Cowgirls. Also, every outro was Tony Romo. Every single outro. Who actually likes Tony Romo???

4. Jim Zorn CAN'T coach and Auburn CAN'T hire coaches. The Redskins, who whined about being ignored earlier in the season have lost 5 of 6 with their ONLY win being a 3 point win over the lowly Seahawks. For some reason with the weather turning colder Zorn has decided to run with Portis LESS while using the short passing game MORE.
And Auburn CAN'T hire. How do you hire a 5-19 coach? That would be the equivalent of Florida losing Urban Meyer and then hiring STEVE KRAGTHORPE...talk about regression!

5. Who's overrated in College Basektball? That's easy...Gonzaga and Tennessee. Saturday I watched intently as Mr. Christmas lit UT up...and I can't lie that I loved every minute of it. Despite having no real dealings with UT, I hate them. I know their fans and I hate them. Their fans are the worst...same level as UK basketball. In fact, you know the worst fans in the world reside in Tennessee and I can prove it. There are those who follow UK basketball AND UT football. Could there possibly be a worse combination. But anyways, Bruce Pearle again chokes on the road. It's the same thing with his teams. They have no inside presence. They rely too much on wild 3's and their athleticsim...hmm...sound like someone else? Anyways, UT isn't going far this year and Gonzaga losing Sunday night throws them out of the Top 5. ESPN was blowing smoke up our a$$e$ all weekend about how Gonzaga is now used to being the hunted and that they'll make the Final 4...think again buddy.

6. Your yearly HOCKEY WATCH is right here baby. What have we learned about hockey? Easy, Sean Avery's pretty cool. A man loses his job for saying the truth about his former girlfriend. If I was fired each time I used "Avery language" then I'd be tearing tickets in Kuwait, everybody sucking sand.

7. My Fantasy Football season ended and yes, I did have Andre Johnson on my team...I think it's time for Andre to find "big boy" football. Andre Johnson grabs me about 70 points and I still lose, thus is my life. BUT I think I have Fantasy Football figured out...here's what you need to do. Unless you're a top 4 pick DON'T worry about getting a top notch running back. Almost every team in the NFL splits time. Plus, if that team gets behind they completely go away from the pass. Also, don't blow your load on a receiver. This year Kevin Walter was a beast...yes, Kevin Walter. There's so much depth and with certain teams throwing the ball too much there's a lot to go around. Look at Arizona for a minute, Urban and Breaston are beating out Fitzgerald and Bodlin.
And while I'm at it...Andre Johnson needs to join a big boy football team. Here's a list of teams that should make a serious play for Johnson...Giants, Eagles, Seahawks, Chicago, Tennessee, and Baltimore. All these teams know how to win and are one step away from really upgrading their offenses.

8. Tubby Smith was a BAD coach and HERE'S WHY. Now, Tubby, wasn't really a bad coach. He did OK. But, obviously, in the end he quit recruiting and fell asleep at the wheel. It's fair to say that Rondo is close to becoming a star and on the team he's on right now he may make the all-star game...yes, Boston is pressing hard to get him in. What if Tubby would've known how to communicate and use Rondo? Does anyone remember Rondo was coming off the bench and had to settle into Tubby's boring system? Look at him now. And what if Louisville grabs Rondo? Just a thought.

9. Weathermen in Louisville SUCK! I'm glad I went to bed last night praying that 4 inches of snow and endless amounts of sleet and frozen rain would drop from the heavens...only to wake up to almost NO precipitation. I was praying I could call into work and explain that I was iced in and that I have been feverishly trying to get out of my apartment complex but just can't. As you can see (or read) that didn't happen. There's always tomorrow.

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