Monday, December 29, 2008


Day 1.

Please don’t accuse me of overlooking opponents. I’m well aware we got a formidable one coming up on New Year’s Eve in the 11-2 Runnin’ Rebels of UNLV. In honor of the transition from '08 to '09, I’ll be there in my Armani suit (and by Armani suit I mean Unseld throwback) sipping bubbly (and by bubbly I mean Miller Lite draughts) in all my glory (and by “glory” I mean screaming profanities at Sosa and mimicking everything T Will does while my girlfriend tells me to sit down, I’m embarrassing her.) But whatever.

That being said, it’s just about peanut butter jelly time. If you’re good, maybe Rob will put up one of those little second-by-second countdowns until Sunday afternoon’s tip-off.

Quick comment (because that’s what I do) on the UAB game: It’s become increasingly obvious that we’re at our best when it’s McGee, T Will, Earl, Samardo, and Preston. Obviously, that’s open to debate. And I understand and appreciate that the owner-operator of this blog is a diehard Jerry Smith supporter, but you can’t play with six, and the numbers don’t lie.

OK. T minus 6 days, and some change. Where’s that countdown?

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