Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Daily Spike...Trevor Kelsey Hater Edition

I feel that I'm compelled to somewhat try and protect my team on this one...at least somewhat. One of the founders of this illustrious site, Trevor "Bacon" Kelsey is what you would call a hater. He's a lot more than a hater but that's for a different post. Not only is he a hater but he's an Eagles fan. We all can feel his pain....you know, not being able to make the playoffs, having Donovan McNabb as your quarterback, having me as your wideout, having a tight end that can't catch an STD from a hooker, and a coach that is growing fatter by the day all while having his sons traffic cocaine and pills throughout the city of Philly.

BUT I understand the hating on Plaxico. Here's all I want to say. Plaxico is Plaxico just like TO is TO and just like Ocho Cinco is Ocho Cinco. These guys are all from the same mold. They have huge egos, can't handle the fame and money, and lack confidence. They're actually pretty weak people. The thing to remember is that Plax isn't part of this Giants team. All season they've played Plax-free and that has opened up opportunities for Steve Smith, Kevin Boss, Dominik Hixon, Sinorice Moss, etc.

What's unfortunate about this situation is that Plax is off the team. He now will have no chance of being on a team that has a legit shot at making a few runs deep into the playoffs. He no longer will be coddled by a staff and organization that gave him way too much. Not only this but do you think Roger Goddell is going easy on this fool? Hardly not. My estimation early on, and I will probably be completely wrong, is that Plax will somehow get off major charges but will take the heat from the NFL. I think with his past and this situation he could lose an entire year of playing. That would mean a sub par year this season and no season next year. A guy getting ready to hit 30 years old, he's truly in the prime of his career. That is flushed down the drain.

Sure, he will get another job. Just like the Giants will add more wideouts....Boldin or Andre Johnson, please, either one. Also, Plax is getting ready to drop millions, not to mention bonus' and playoff bonus'. He blew it, he won't care, and I doubt the Giants will.

What kind of trouble will he be in? Plax will report to the Giants today to get treatment for his hamstring injury. At that point the GMen will decide what "unable to perform list" they'll put him in. This decision will tell us which direction the GMen will go. They will most likely put him on the unable to perform list so they owe him NOTHING. He would lose pretty much his contract, giving the Giants all sorts of money to play with...very dangerous with Jerry Reese.

Now, if the Giants were to deal with Plax and say he gets suspended for only 4 games, they may just suspend him the rest of the season. I can't see this happening. Tiki shunned the team and he was out. Shockey talked big and he hit the door. Anyone who has too much to say hits the road. I don't see how this is any different.

Real quick, any Eagles fans remember this >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Most likely, it all will be knocked down to a Class D Felony, which can carry up to 2 years. Obviously, since Plax only shot himself (through his sweats), a first time offender, a sleezy lawyer (Levy from The Wire anyone), and a bankroll he may only see heavy probation. Plus, he'll be shipped out of NY soon enough.

Hopefully the Plax saga is over but I have fear it's just beginning.

LOUISVILLE NEWS: Big Louisville news! The Marques Maybin Classic kicks off Saturday with Indiana State then followed by power houses Ohio, and Lamar. And oh yeah, we're now 11th in the nation...not that it matters, just a frustrating start.
Trevor, I love you.

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