Monday, December 1, 2008

How dumb can you be??

I know this is supposed to be about mostly Louisville sports but when you have a slow day in CBB and the only news about Cardinal sports is regarding the Woman's Volleyball team (that makes me miss being on the radio), I am left to dwell into the rest of the world of sports and one thing today has stuck out to me so much so that I felt like ranting about it.

Plaxico Burress, could this guy be any dumber? It's one thing to take a gun to a club but to take an illegal gun, how stupid is that. This guy has a personality that falls somewhere between a manatee and the fat kid from Head of the Class (pictured left). Your Plaxico Burress (pictured proudly right) in New York City!! You just caught the game winning touchdown in the previous Super Bowl. Did you think people wouldn't know who you are? It's not like you can just hangout in a bar unnoticed as if you were Trent Tomlinson (pictured left and a close friend of Rob Jones). So here is what I am certain of....Plaxico is a moron. Here is what I am not certain of....what really happened. I do have two theories though and here they are. First theory, he takes gun to club with him (remember we do know he is stupid), and while there thought it would impress someone to show off his "piece". But in the process Chedder Bob (pictured right) shoots himself in the leg, left to hobble out of the club, crying like a Kentucky fan after a loss to Gardner Webb or VMI. Second theory, he goes to club with illegal gun, runs his mouth to someone (most likely a Jets fan) and instead of just walking away, stuff goes down. Burress gets shot by someone but he wastes the guy. He and others (Antonio Pierce I assume) get rid of the body. They claim Plaxico shot himself but the bullets don't match so he gets rid of the gun as well. OK, I know the second one is really off the wall but the guy was dumb enough to put himself in the situation so is anything really that far fetched?

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