Thursday, December 4, 2008

The End of Another Mediocre Season

"I think there are some [bowl] spots that are going to be open. Obviously it depends on the BCS; does the Big 12 get 2? Does the SEC get two? It's certainly conceivable that if we win this game we could get in a bowl game"

You gotta love the resiliency of Coach Krag. His approval rating is at a Bush-esque level among fans right now and his team has made more mishaps than Michael Porter this season. Half the seats in Papa John's Stadium were empty last week and this guy still thinks we are going to make a bowl game with a win against Rutgers tonight. Great way to get the players riled up and ready for blood, right? It's also wishful thinking. Our chances are slim and none even with a 70-0 victory. A bowl committee wants a team that will bring 25,000 fans. I think 20,000 showed up on Senior Day. Krag is hanging on for dear life right now.

This sounds like a guy who is trying to mask what is really going on; a win and maybe the fans will get off his back, soothing the burn of this mediocre campaign and possibly saving his career as head coach. There are rumors out there that Krag will resign soon after the game. True or not, the past two season seem to have taken a emotional toll on him and whether or not he feels in over his head is something only Krag knows. I think he will be back for another year. Coaches like to finish what they start. However, with the lack of recruiting and passion shown from the guy in the last few weeks, I would not be surprised to see him go.

A couple guys I will be sad to see go are two guys who's time at Louisville will be overshadowed unfairly by the so-far dismal Krag era. Team captain and leader throughout his 4- years and 50+ starts Eric Wood will be sorely missed. His shoes will be the biggest to fill next year. Both a general on the field and in practice, Wood should go down as the best center to ever don the red and black. If it was up to me, Wood's 77 would hang in the Papa John's Stadium rafters next to the jerseys of Roman Oben and Joe Jacoby.

Second is Ron English, the defensive coordinator who took an awful unit and turned it into something the fans could be proud of. English is as good as gone with both San Diego St. and Eastern Michigan having him on their short list of head coaching candidates. I've heard Eastern Michigan's list is very short - like one person short. I like every other card fan will be dissappointed to see him go. He does deserve it and hopefully he doesn't take 3 or 4 of our 7 recruits for next year with him. I know for a fact Hakeem Smith (safety out of GA) and Titus Teague (DB - CA) are English guys. We'll see how it transpires in the next few months.

I will be right by the TV tonight watching and cheering as every true U of L fan should. I'm just not buying what the football program is selling right now. Another .500 campaign would match what I have been seeing - mediocre football - for the last 2 years. Too many mistakes, too many penalties and WAY too may excuses combined with vanilla play calling and the intensity of a Georgia stoner have led to this product. We're just good enough with guys like Victor and Johnny Patrick that there is a glimmer of hope for success in the future. Yet, we're just bad enough to realize that the chances for success are against us. With the stadium expansion due to begin soon, butts shall be needed to occupy seats. The butts will just stay (as you can see they did at the WVU game - this is the when the most fans were in the stadium) at home and watch in HD if this is how they are going to continue to play.

Win or lose tonight, the next month should still be very interesting if you're a fan of Louisville football. Recruits need to be signed and changes need to be made and for Christ's sake someone please CALL TIM PATTERSON!!

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