Sunday, December 21, 2008

Emmanuel Yeager Commits to New Mexico

Jody Demling is reporting that QB Emmanuel Yeager from Washington, DC has changed his mind for the second time and is now committed to New Mexico as opposed to the Red Rage. Previously, Yeager had spurned Central Michigan to commit to the Cards so it's not totally surprising. This commitment started rumors of Krag's desire to run an offense centered around a dual-threat QB. With this news, the Cards have only pocket-passers to choose from in Zach Stout, Tyler Wolfe, NC State transfer Justin Burke and recent JUCO signee Adam Froman. Matt Simms hasn't said he's not coming back this year officially or even really unofficially, so I'll add him as well. Not one of those guys has been mistaken as a dual-threat QB. As we saw this season, the QB is the most important position and if a certain level of performance isn't met, the team struggles. I still say Burke takes the job due to his intelligence and decision-making abilities, but honestly any one of the 4 or 5 mentioned could line up under center next season.

Yaeger is the 32nd ranked dual-threat QB and a 3-star player by Rivals and a 2-star, 82nd ranked QB by Scout. Cards fans should not be discouraged by this. I didn't ever see him fitting in with the current offense and he didn't seem like the kind of player you revamp your offensive playbook for (not saying it's not a good idea). He gets annointed with the "buyer beware" sticker after this switch. One time changing your mind I understand. Two is pushing it. Good luck to both parties involved.

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