Monday, December 8, 2008

Jack McClinton is the Man

I thought his 40 points in the tourney would be enough to satisfy me as a college basketball fan. Then Miami guard Jack McClinton went into Lexington and laid 23 on the Kayuts as "the U" took down "the Big Blue boo-hoo" on Saturday. I know the Cards had two wins over jobbers the last 2 days, looking impressive, but the UK loss made my week of sports just that much better.

Oh and by the way, Michael Porter is the best thing to happen to UK basketball since the days of Saul Smith. If you haven't seen his wizardry on the basketball floor you are missing out on something special. He will join Larry Bird, Pistol Pete, and Brent Barry (just because of the dunk contest win) on Mt. "Overacheiving White Guy" when his playing days are over. The thing that upsets me the most is that he doesn't get to play with Mark Coury. Some things are just too good to happen, I guess.

McClinton was coming off a game against Ohio State where he was ejected just 8 minutes into the game for slapping a Buckeye in relaliation for a previous slap. At the time of the smack McClinton was 4-4 from three for 12 points. Outside of Stephan Curry, McClinton might be the most prolific scorer in the country. UK witnessed that first hand Saturday. Miami's lead ballooned to 20 at halftime behind the slick shooting Jack. Final score 73-67 'Canes. I can't wait until January 4th.

So here's to you Jack McClinton. The L Yes! Report's Player of the Weekend. We appreciate your service.

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