Monday, December 29, 2008

More Mike Bush

Just give Mike Bush the ball and let him do his thing! The Louisville legend has been unhappy this year in Oakland, mostly due to the fact that they run that team like a White castle at 4 AM and lack of touches. The head coach was replaced early and Bush was asked to play fullback, a position he has never played dating back to grade school. In typical Bush fashion, he did what was best for the team and waited his turn. That turn came Sunday in Tampa as Bush ran for 177 yards and 2 TDs on 27 carries crushing the Bucs' playoff hopes in the process and making one Trevor Kelsey a very happy Eagles fan. It's been a long time coming for #19 and hopefully this opens some eyes around the league.

If the rumors out there are correct, then Justin Fargas is on his way out of Oakland after this season. That would leave the Raiders with Bush and Darren McFadden as the RBs. It seems to me as the perfect scenario for a "Wildcat" offense. McFadden ran it in college and Louisvillians know how great of a QB Bush was in high school. I know the offense might be a tad gimmicky, but the Dolphis made the playoffs using it a good amount and I expect other teams to follow suit. If the Raiders hire an open minded coach, the scenario could come to life. All that is needed is the opportunity. Owner Al Davis missed his first Raider game since 1979 Sunday, so let's hope the TV guys painted a good enough picture for him. Bush was healthy all year and only saw the ball 95 times rushing where he averaged 4.4 yards/carry and caught 19 passes for162 yards (8.5 ypc). Those are numbers worthy of a starting look.

Another possibility is a trade, something I feel Bush would welcome. Teams like Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Arizona, and even the Bucs could be in the market for a featured back this offseason. Judging by today's performance, Bush could handle the load very well. We'll keep our eyes open for any rumors or news concerning Mr. Bush coming up and keep you posted.

Interview w/ Mr. Bush courtesy of CBS 5 in San Francisco

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