Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cup o' Jones

I'm going to start trying to give some links and news bytes for you all every morning. Some could be long, some short (twss) but I will give my best to have something Card related in this spot every morning. I decided on Cup o' Jones as the title. if anyone has a better idea send me an email or add it to the comments section. Here you go...

- Rumors are circulating that Coach Pitino is very unhappy with the way Earl Clark has been practicing the last week. Clark's lazy and lackadaisical effort led to Pitino sitting him on the bench in favor of Jared Swopshire against UAB. Sources say Clark spent the better part of two practices this past week running on the treadmill due to his lack of effort. This is an obvious motivational tool Pitino is using to get E5 rilled up. Clark plays his best when angry and on the big stage (just ask OU's Blake Griffin) however Pitino feels if he gave that same intensity daily during practice, Earl would be unstoppable and help his teammates improve in the process. I see Swop starting until Clark's effort increases, whether that be Wednesday or later.

- Coach Pitino will have a news conference today at 2 pm to preview the upcoming games with UNLV and the Kayuts. We will be there and if the stars are aligned correctly, we could have some audio. Knowing the minds around the L Yes! compound that is highly unlikely so expect a transcript sometime this evening.

- I will not start an official countdown to the Battle of the Bluegrass until the UNLV game is over. I would hate to lose to a team we shouldn't just because we are looking ahead to a team that we are clearly better than and shouldn't make the team nervous in the first place. The Rebels recently defeated Arizona and lost a heart breaker to Cincy. This game will be just as important for the Cards' NCAA resume as the a win against the Big Blue Boo-Hoo.

- In case you missed it, LB coach Bill Miller was promoted to defensive coordinator, replacing Ron English. Miller is a 31-year coaching vet who has had stints at places like Arizona St., Miami (FL), and Michigan St. He spent last year as the coordinator for Western Michigan. All I have to say to this guy is good luck and if you have a job a year from now I won't be the only person surprised. To use one of Krag's patented cliches, "He's gonna have to make chicken salad out of chicken you-know-what". God, thinking about football makes me nauseous. Trying to stay positive however hard it may be.

Anybody that has some pictures of goofy looking redneck Cat fans make sure you get them to me and we'll put 'em up. It's Pride Week - there are no holds barred.

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