Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Somebody Buy Krag a Drink

Coach Krag has made a little bit of a splash this weekend on the junior-college and prep level, nearly doubling his recruiting class for next year in the process.Sheltered fans would say "Hey, the guy is actually doing something!", but in actuality it is a mask for a program that isn't making progress. Not since the days of Jay Gruden (who?) have the Cards had this liitle talent coming into a season.

Like I've said before, Krag is holding on for dear life. He needs guys that can play now not later. However, it is not due to lack of recruiting by Petrino (a favorite excuse for Krag apologists) but Krag's lack of tolerence to players with discipline issues, a staple of most competitive college teams - like it or not. The make-up of the team would be completely different if Krag had a little forgiveness in his heart for players not named Tim Dougherty.

Harry Douglas was wild in his early days at Louisville and became the consumate leader. One of Krag's favorites, Scott Long, would have been kicked off for a paintball incident his freshman year. You have to take chances on young men regardless of their moral standards. They're football players. They should have a bit of a mean-streak and they are unfortunately going to be immature at times. As a coach, Krag should see the potential in fringe players and not give up on guys due to a failed drug-test or dreaded "undisclosed violation of team.rules". The program has made its bed the last ten years with players that had talent along with an attitude, swagger and chip on their shoulder. Krag is stopping that rolling ball, pulling out a knife, and popping it like a disgruntled old man.

The reason I'm bring all this up is, while I'm excited about the guys that committed over the last 10 days, I'm not satisfied. JuCo All-American QB Adam Froman from Santa Rosa CA chose the Cards over Colorado St. Isaac and Jacob Geffors, a twin-tandem at safety aka "The Sharp Bros. Part Deux", picked Krag over a couple of Florida schools. No, not Florida or Miami. Not even Florida St. or So. Florida. And if you guessed Central Florida, well, you'd be wrong too. The Geffard's had Florida Atlantic and Florida International on their short list before Louisville won out. The best recruit we have coming in according to most analysts, LB Mike Privott, chose the Cards over ACC teams that I don't want to be compared to, such as NC St and Virginia. There is no reason we should be competing with these lower-tier schools coming off a BCS win and back-to-back top 10 finishes.

Guys like RBs David Oku out of Oklahoma and Deuce Finch of StX are out there and used to be interested in the Cards. Now they have narrowed their lists with neither including Louisville. They want to hear a buzz around the program, not the THUD sound that the team made this year (and last). I know we have Victor Anderson and Bilal Powell, but you can never have enough. Especially when speaking of 5 star- RBs.

I hate being negative, but there is no way we are making even a quivver next year and we're stuck with somone that still thinks he's recruitng for Tulsa. Auburn, Tennessee, Miss St all have new coaches and decommitted recruits. I think it might be a good idea to call them. Hell, if it's legal, I'll call them myself. I just want to get another guy on the team that at least has a scout or rivals player bio. Its time to put on the full-court press before the dead period in a few days.

Krag seems scared of failure to go after top-notch guys who might need a little mental coaching to mature. The Cards will never get out of state 5-stars, but 4s will come if pushed. One and two star recruits combined with some regular JuCo Joe's just won't cut it in the long run.

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