Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brohm out at U of L?

Less than one year after turning down Nick Saban’s offer to lead Alabama’s offense, Louisville Offensive Coordinator Jeff Brohm’s job is reportedly in jeopardy.

There has been much speculation on this issue throughout the season and thereafter. The Cards averaged only 376.7 yards per game last season. But yesterday it was announced that Cards’ administrative assistant Jay Johnson was promoted to “offensive assistant,” despite the fact there are no vacancies yet to be filled from the offensive staff from a year ago.
Prior to joining U of L, Johnson served as offensive coordinator at Southern Miss from 2005-07, during which his pass-heavy Golden Eagles averaged a mere 358.7 yards per game and never finished better than 4th offensively in C-USA. But fear not – I’m sure our turtleneck clad AD will assure you this is another example of Krag “putting his pieces in place” and to be patient.

Yes, the offensive sputtered last season. But that’ll happen when you lose so many starters to a coach who runs them off, injuries, and the NFL draft. Now it appears Krag wants to throw the baby out with the bathwater by running off Jeff Brohm, who could have been calling plays in the Sugar Bowl this year and is, to say the least, a pillar of the Louisville community.

There is an abundance of unhappy (to put it mildly) fans. Why further divide the faithful by creating the rift that would result by booting one of the town’s most beloved figures, and one who’s devoted most of his life to University of Louisville football?

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