Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thomas and Roache No Longer with Team?

The bad news keeps coming for Krag and his Louisville football team as a source close to the team tells me safety Lattarius Thomas has asked for a transfer and o-lineman Brian Roache has decided to quit. Both player started at one point or another last year.

The number is too high to calculate now, but I think it's something like 40 players that have either quit, transfered, or left early since ol' Krag took over close to 2 years ago. That is a staggering number unmatched by any one (or even two combined) teams in college. I'm not going to rant like I usually do about St. Krag, but it is completely ridiculous for this trend to continue 2 years later. Both these players now need to be replaced and I really don't see anyone on the depth chart as capable.

Thomas brought all sorts of promise after a freshman year highlighted by a team high 8 (? I think that's it couldn't find it exactly) picks and an Orange Bowl victory. He tore up his knee the following year in the 3rd game and sat the remainder of the season. This past season Thomas battled back injuries and was benched in favor of Bobby Buchanan and Daniel Covington. Who knows what could have beem if the dread injury bug didn't bite L.T. This comes as a surprise to me because L.T. was supposed to be one of the leaders on an inexperienced defense. Thomas chose the Cards after being courted by such teams as Florida, Mississippi St. and West Virginia. I have always liked L.T., considering him one of our better defenders, and hope he lands on his feet healthy somewhere.

The 6'5 305lb Roache played the last two years at OT, rotating as a starter at times. He, like Thomas, will be a senior next year and all indications say he's completely done with football as opposed to transfering. No real explaination here either. It looked to me like Roache would be set to start at either guard or tackle next year, but you never really know what's going on behind the scenes in Camp Krag.

Is this ever going to stop?


  1. Sources??

    LT transferring makes no sense since he's a senior and only has one year left.

  2. As I said, I know it doesn't make sense. I do stick by my sources on this. Expect some official announcement in the next few weeks. I guarantee if you go down to the Schnellenberger Complex you will not find LT or Roache. Trust me.