Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pride Week

Well, a not so Happy New Year to the Cards and Cards fans. The basketball Cardinals must have read the last two articles on Lyes because they obviously were not ready to ball up against a UNLV team without their best player. So, another loss to an opponent we should have beat, but that doesn't mean we need to stop smack-talking the Mildcats. If you look back, U of L has had far less talent than the Cats, but still won the game.

Let's see...why do I hate UK so much? (And I really hate them. I hate them so much that last year when Bradley was laying on the floor after a hard foul, I said, "Good! I hope he don't get up! I hope his leg's broke!) That's a true story. There's also the numerous fights I got into with idiot UK fans back in school. So, I decided to make a list...

1. Dicky Lyons, Jr. (Seriously...there are two people, in the same family, named Dicky)
2. Patrick Sparks, the ugliest man to touch a bball (He walked too!)
3. Gimel Martinez's mustache (HORRIBLE!)
4. Ramel Bradley wanted to be a member of the Roc (Never gonna happen bug-eyes)
5. Joker Phillips (He is a joker. What a name!)
6. Tubby not playing Rondo (I actually do like Rondo, and it makes me sick he was on the bench)
7. Ashley Judd (She can't act people! Stop acting like she can!)
8. Antoine Walker (That's why Maybin drilled a 3 in yo face!)
9. Chuck Hayes, Azzabukee (whatever), Randolph Morris = 3 guys with no business in the NBA
10. Last but not least, most importantly, red-neck, toothless, ignorant, think they know it all but really know nothing fans (Yea, we know you got a bunch a titles, but how many were you alive to see?

Aaaaahhhh! I feel better now. UK SUX!

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