Friday, January 9, 2009

Straight From My Gut...

It's a long weekend of college basketball but more importantly NFL Playoffs. I do mostly everything on gut feeling. I read the reports, analysis, etc but mostly all my betting/fantasy play comes on gut feeling. I had a good feeling that Florida could cover anything up to 6.5 points...and I was right! Let's face it, Florida is in the midst of a Nebraska/Miami type run. What they're doing in the modern age of "Who the hell is actually number 1" is amazing. Somehow Urban Meyer, even though not around the full extent of the BCS, is the first coach to win 2 under that umbrella. Tebow is simply amazing. That drive at the end of hte game where he wasted 7 minutes plus and capped it with the JUMP PASS (which is a gimic but a perfect way to end the season). Oklahoma simply couldn't get on the field in the second half. They had 2 prime opportunities in the first half and got nothing. Of course, Tebow looked human in the first half and forced 2 passes himself. In the end, if Florida scores on even one of those early possessions this game is a blow out. OU played valiantly but Big Game Bob Stoops is starting to look really lame, much like Jim Tressell every January.

It would have truly been great to see USC v. Florida.
Now, to things that matter.

12p: Louisville @ Villanova. I'm scared to death. Honestly, the end of the UK game combined with a some laggish game against a pathetic USF team leads me confused as to this team's state of mind. For some reason it isn't fair that all my hate will be going towards Philadelphia, but I mean they are the bastard city of the state.
Louisville needs to hang on to this game. They're going to be pushed but still Louisville has the size and that size needs to play. If nothing else, this will be the match up of the best dressed coaches in basketball.

Now, to the NFL.
Saturday 4:30p Ravens @ Titans
How can anyone pick against the Ravens? Wait a minute, how can anyone pick against the Titans? Honestly, this bunch of games are complete toss ups.
Ravens MUST run the ball and Flacco must not turn the ball over. This game is simply down to turnovers. If the Ravens get heat on Collins then ut oh....and vice versa. Chris Johnson MUST get the ball, not White. And if Ed Reed gets 2 picks and returns one for a TD then I'm slotting them for the Super Bowl.
In the end I think the Titans, with the home field advantage, may get behind early but will get Flacco to make ROOKIE mistakes leading to a Titans victory.
17-16 Titans...late TD after Ravens turned ball over and had to settle for FG's but look for an early Ravens TD.

Saturday 8:15p Cardinals @ Panthers
This one could get ugly. What can the Cardinals NOT do on a consistent basis? Stop the run. What do the Panthers do as good or better than anyone in the league? Run the ball. It's pretty simple. If the Panthers have a good amount of success running the ball then it's over. Plus, Steve Smith will put together a nice day, no doubt. The Cards need to score first and often. They have to get better protection for Warner and must pray that Fitzgerald can make a few huge catches and that Boldin is healthy enough to play.
Give me the Panthers 31-23
Sunday 1p Eagles @ Giants
Obviously, this is my game. Another pesky Philly team. If nothing else this Philly team has followed the path of the Giants from '08 and are the "hottest team giong into the playoffs." So hot they didn't know the rules to the over time period and lost to the lowly Redskins 10-3...yeah that's right now TD. The Giants have stumbled into the playoffs losing 3 of 4 if you count the Vikings game in which the 3rd string D and David Carr, yes that David Carr, got all the second half snaps. Honestly, I think this game could go any way. I could see boht teams being beat up or I could see an overtime game (yes, in which someone has to win Donovan...don't worry no ties).
It all comes down the the running game for the GMEN. If they run the ball they win. For the Iggles it's about Westbrook and limited McNabb's mistakes. If McNabb plays Romo with the ball it will be over...same with Eli. If Westbrook gets out in the open then that's trouble. It will be a line of scrimmage game. I really think Philly could win and many pundits are riding the Eagles hard. I'll take the GMEN for the obvious.
20-13 Giants.

Chargers @ Steelers 4:45p
My dislike for both of these teams is obvious. I'm tired of the Steelers, their fans, their mediocre play that gets them way too much praise. Plus, no other team gets the TD call in the Ravens game..unbelievable. Anyways, the Chargers are hot but let's face it they won't be able to run. They just won't. The Steelers will run enough and Big Ben will run around enough to win.
Give me the Steelers easily 20-7.

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