Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Wednesday Louisville

Sooooo, you’re snowed in, I’m snowed in. Once you run through Rob’s Starting 5 and you’re still bored, here’s some Wednesday reading. We’ll call it “TC’s Off The Bench.” What’s that you say? Clever? Why, thank you.

They’re not snowed in Tampa. In fact it’s about 75 degrees and sunny. And down there – probably not soaking up rays on the beach – is Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, the mastermind behind the greatest defense in recent NFL history.

Tired of the laptop and want to watch some tube? Rick Bozich’s got ‘cha covered.
NOTE: The L Yes! Report does not condone you folks missing the Cards game to watch the Pu, er, Duke-Wake Forest game, limitless ESPN promotions and absurd volume of Dick Vitale’s commercials urging you to do so notwithstanding.

In the legal community, there’s an expression that’s indicative of how effortless it is for the state to get an indictment for criminal offenses: “You can indict a ham sandwich.” Well, welcome to Lexington, where it’s apparently not so easy to prosecute those suspected of burglary, theft, and disorderly conduct – if their crimes are in the name of blatant racism.

Finally, there’s no such thing as a dumb question. That is, unless your offensive firepower has been shut down the whole first half, you can’t defend a team missing 3 of its best 4 players, and you feel like you’re playing 1 on 5 on offense. Just in: Billy Clyde isn’t very nice.

Could you imagine how short he’d be with you if you pulled him over after he crossed the center line late one Friday night?

NOTE: The L Yes! Report finds it interesting that when his boy goes “oh-fer” in the first half, you’re not allowed to bring it up, but when he gets off for 54, ‘ol Billy stands ready, willing and able to tell you and the rest of the country all about it, all googly-eyed.

Go Cards tonight. Last home game I tested them by not rocking the usual Unseld throwback, and, if you haven’t heard, they proved up to the challenge. But fear not – no. 31 will be out tonight. You can keep me away from work for two days, ice and snow, but you can’t keep me from the Hall during battle!

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