Saturday, January 17, 2009

Renewing My Disdain for All Things Pittsburgh

I'm sure you've heard it before. If not, GO HERE and read it from Rick Bozich. If you still don't understand go ahead and turn on your TV tomorrow and watch some Steeler coverage. This is where my disdain for all things Pittsburgh starts. For some unknown reason, the media has portrayed the city of Pittsburgh has hard working, grind it out, a city with a true blue collar approach to living. Could this possibly be any more bullsh#t? Is Pittsburgh the only city that possesses these hard working individulas. After all, no other city has people that work daily to support their family. The media has painted this picture perfectly. Every team from Pittsburgh has the same story and I'm bored and tired of it . We know, by now, they're all hard working, grind it out that story, please.

Here is my 2 MAIN keys to the game.

1. Guard play. When our guards played well (Notre Dame) look at the results. When we can shoot and protect the ball and set up our D then we're a tough team to play. Our athleticism and speed alone gave Notre Dame problems but it won't Pitt. Sosa and McGee must play solid. They must not turn the ball over but get it to the OPEN MAN.
Levance Fields is by no means a guy who should EVER blow by Sosa. BUT Fields doesn't turn the ball over a lot. Our ability to get in Fields' shorts and slow him down is important. If you defense can set up then we can apply the press, which is always a good thing.

2. Growing up is over BIGS. We finally saw some real good play from freshmen bigs Samuels and Jennings. Their ability to rebound and hold their own in the scoring department may ultimately be the game. If Blair is able to grab 15-20 boards then watch out. In other words, it's time to grow up and bang inside.

If nothing, I'm expecting a great game and a Louisville win 68-63.

And, why may I ask, with all the great games on today is ESPN parading at UNC today? They play Miami. That is a B rated match up compared to say, ND/Syracuse, UL/Pitt, Gtown/Duke, Wake Forrest/Clemson, Michigan/Ohio State, etc. Ah, the ACC. Go ahead and below name me 3 players from Miami, go ahead.

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