Monday, January 26, 2009

Even Rush Limbaugh Thinks the Cards Are Good...

There are turning points to every season. By the way, I'm typing this while watching the Steve Wilkos Show. By the way, Wilkos is the guy who did security for the Springer Show...STEVE! Anyways, Steve is interviewing a girl who is 15 and was "too high" on marijuana hit her mom with a baseball bat. I'm pretty sure marijuana doesn't do that but if it does sign me up.

Ok, along to the game. Every season has a turning point. The point where you know your team is really that good or destined to lose in the Sweet 16. I would say Kentucky will have their turning point very soon. Louisville just had theirs on Sunday.

Honestly Louisville fans, did you ever think we'd pull this one out? On the road, on a sleepy Sunday afternoon, Big East road game, great coach, a stiffling zone, in the DOME where we'd never won. And then the game starts...we look quick, TWill knocking down shot after shot, and Syracuse is obviously sleepwalking. At some point all Louisville fans had to think Syracuse would wake up and start hitting shots. They did, finally, but it was too late and not near enough of them.

**Let me stop and say, in fact, I'm going to put this in caps just for emphasis. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS DEVENDORF MAY HAVE THE WORST TATTOOS IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL? Honestly, they are embarassing and need to be erased from his pasty white skin. He looks like Silas off the Da Vinci Code. I want to say so many bad things about the guy but I don't want Rob Jones to make me his bitch. But, I HATE DEVENDORF!**

Here's what we say in the rap community IS GOOD and IS BAD.

* The ability for TWill to hit a shot or create his own shot (except for THE LAYUP). T Will's ability to create something for himself or others is amazing and has made this a legit Final 4 contender. He can step back, drive it left right or middle, or pass off to teammate. There's no way to defend Williams. Only a team with a ton of athleticism will have a chance, enter UNC, Wake, and we'll see about UConn. Finally, I want to personally say THANK YOU to TWill for his rebounding. It's fantastic, abosultely fantastic. I am in love with this ability to rebound.

* Earl Clark is our gang banger. He can bang down low all night and get some really big rebounds. His ability to get a good amount of junk points is fun to watch. He scores well inside but has now gotten much more touch on that 3 point shot, which helped in a major way against Syracuse. I love when E5 is mean. With TWill and Clark in the front court we present match up problems with almost every team in America.

*Terrence Jennings should be closer to starting than what most believe. Jennings saved our inside game and really covered up an extremely poor game by Samuels. I am over Samuels dropping passes and missing point blank lay ups but more on that later..I promise. Jennings is going to be a fun player to watch mature. He can throw down with the best of them. He can get inside and is a quality rebounder. He gets to lots of loose balls but more importantly he made layups. I love the way he's coming along. His potential is through the roof.

*This team has the CLUTCH FACTOR. You know that feeling you get that when your team is down or in a close one that they'll prevail. I've had that feeling 2 times in the last year or so with the Giants. I now am starting to get that with this team. They can score down the stretch no matter how they've done the previous ten minutes. They're hitting free throws and playing unimaginable D. This team is starting to look very patient and at ease with the tough competition in th Big East.

* The D travels well. It's very cliche but true and Louisville is a living example. In a game where shooting was a a premium, Louisville brought the D with them and it got the job done. This team is starting to finally get recognition for causing turnovers and smothering guards. This unit doesn't block the most shots but I believe alters many throughout the game.

*The Rebounding is so solid. We had it against Syracuse, especially on the O end. TWill and Clark can rebound for anywhere. Jennings and Samuels can keep lots of ball live. Plus, if Jerry Smith is in the game he gtes lots of boards. I can't wait to see how we stack up against UConn.


*Samuels.....his inability to catch a pass or make a point blank layup just baffles me. He MUST wake up. Jennings will start getting more minutes if we see many more games like Syracuse. Imagine what we could've done WITH Samuels playing regular minutes and dropping 15? Just imagine what these 2 could do inside together.

*Smith and Knowles....simply not shooting well. I will be interested to see what Pitino will do with Smith. He's a great defender but he's lost his shot. Plus, he gets ZERO clutch time minutes. Knowles has also lots his shot. But to both: keep playing that hard nosed D.

By the way, Louisville number 7 in the country now!

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