Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Keep Winning UK...and a Major Football HUNCH

Ah, I love when UK wins, especially now. Follow me UL fans. We've encountered 3 tough losses. I contest that if we beat WKU by 1 point we're a top 10 NOW! But UK winning could be very important to our post-season success. It's no secret that losses to WKU, UNLV, and Minnesota earlier in the season put us behind the 8 ball. With wins over UK, USF, Villanova, and now Notre Dame we're starting to even ourselves out. A win on Saturday and we're a top 7 team in the country, hands down. But let me get back to the point. UK winning big games, like UT last night, only help Louisville. We've already beat them. It's a win for us. To get a top seed you need big wins and all I could think about last night when watching Meeks drop 54 on the lame duck coach Bruce Pearle is that our win (74-71 - thanks for saving us SOSA) looks better and better each night. And when/if UK wins the SEC East or even finishes second, that win will be more fruitful.

Wait, doesn't it bother anybody that somehow UK is the prize of the SEC???? Isn't the SEC the speed conference with the biggest and best athletes. Don't ALL SEC fans ride on the coat tails of their conferences successful teams? Just a thought.

Now, let's get down to business. Louisville football. Rob just reported nothing new on the Brohm front. Let me tell you my HUNCH...let's see how this plays out.

I imagine that an unnamed AD will bring in an unnamed OC along with the HC to have a little pow-wow. Actually, I know they've already had this little pow-wow. Anyways, this AD will tell the OC that the university will need his resignation. You're not being fired Mr. OC, you're going on your on "will". Right. Anyways, go ahead and get them resignation to me, effective immediatly. See, we're trying to make this look like you're going on your own accord...we don't want to make it look like we hired the wrong coach, do we? (even though this OC isn't the wrong coach).

So basically I'm saying that yes, I think and have a hunch, that the AD and the HC are pushing the OC out the door. Great, maybe he can go coach at a university that knows something/anything about football.

Let's wait to see how it goes but does it bother anybody at all that when you "google search" Steve Kragthorpe pictures of him with a dunce hat, a sign that says "ineptitude", and a head shot of a cheerleader who has nude photos posted all over the internet are your results. Does this bother anyone?

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