Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cup O' Jones : Snow Day Edition

- Ok, I know we have a game tonight against So. Florida, but I have to touch on what transpired in Oxford last night. UK got dropped by a team we beat by 9. I thought they were supposed to go undefeated in the SEC. What happened? Jody Meeks finally went cold and Danny Huertas gave UK a taste of their own medicine with a Meeks-like 19 in the second half. On top of that, one of the best college basketball writers in America - Jeff Goodman - came on the Freak Show last night and completely dogged the SEC and UK simply by telling the truth. Can anyone out there tell me one thing he says that is wrong?

- On to bigger and better things - those Cards. Pitino seemed to think in the press conference that this team is pretty much incapable of overlooking opponents regardless of their strength. South Florida has won only 2 games in conference, both being to 0-7 DePaul. Plus, the crowd hasn't seen this team in 11 days and now they get to start a crucial 3 game home stretch with WVU and UCONN to follow. This team is focused and ready to go. If I were a betting man, I'd take the Cards with the 18 points. But that's why I'm not a betting man anymore.

- The Bulls remind me of a poor man's Kentucky - a good inside player in Gus Gilchrist and a sharp-shooting guard in Dominique Jones with not a whole lot else surrounding them. The Cards defense will not allow either to have what they want which will force USF to depend on players who seldom score for buckets. The only way I see this game being close is if the Cards shoot less than 30-35% from the field or the Bulls just get red hot from long range.

- Guys I think need to get major clock tonight for experience purposes are Jared Swopshire, Kyle Kuric, Reginald Delk and Terrence Jennings. Swopshire has his excellent spurts, but it seems like he has never totally gotten into the flow of the game. Kuric and Delk are T-Will's back-ups, so hopefully they don't see much of the floor. Just in case, I would like to see them get a little clock. TJ just needs to keep playing quality minutes like he has. He could even stand to get 25 minutes as opposed to 18-20. Maybe even get him in there at the 5 with Samardo playing the 4 - his natural position. This is all presuming the Cards take care of business. If the game is close, these guys (sans TJ) can wait.

- Nothing new from me on the football front other than the fact it makes me want to crack-open a beer every time I think about it - which would be fun for a while then become extremely unhealthy. We've had more coordinators/coaches leave for equal or lesser jobs at equal or lesser schools than can be imagined possible. ATTN TJ : Bite the bullet, FIRE KRAG, give John Gruden 2 mil a year paid for by all the seats you're going to fill in the stadium expansion (which will then be back on schedule). Don't pretend like this couldn't happen. I always revert back to all the people that said Pitino wouldn't come to Louisville - not that the football team is equally as desirable of a job, but Jurich pulled a miracle with Pitino to save the basketball program and now he needs to repeat that and do something about this football team.

Starting 5
1. Lance Pugmire- LA Times - Investigation of Margarito's hand wraps underway (I'm on this huge boxing kick right now and if you get a chance to see this Mosley/Margarito fight you won't be disappointed. It's a slobber-knocker. Before the fight they found a strange substance inside Margarito's gloves. I don't know who else still likes boxing, but check it out)
2. The Big Lead - Syracuse, Syracuse! might steal one of the best recruits in the country from Lane Kiffin (and guess who it is....none other than the #1 all-purpose back in the country who had his list narrowed to UL and UT before last year - David Oku. I wonder how we could be replaced by Syracuse? Will someone please refresh my memory)
3. Jody Demling - C-J Blog -UofL lands Florida commitment (Krag got a commit from he 99th RB - 5'10 185lb Jeremy Wright. He chose Louisville over powerhouses such as Troy and Florida International.)
4. Jerry Tipton - Lexington Herald-Leader - Ole Miss stifles Meeks, top Cats 85-80 (I think Jerry Tipton's favorite thing to write about is a UK loss - which is one of my favorite things to read about)
5. Gene Wojciechowski - - Rooney Rule helps reward namesake (Hopefully a little L Yes! karma for TC's Steelers. Plus, I think Mike Tomlin is a bad man)

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