Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cup O' Jones: Undefeated Ed.

- PITT as we all should know is the #1 team in the country. The Cards square-off with the Panthers Saturday around dusk at the Hall. The Cards will have had 5 days to prepare. PITT only 2, as they defeated South Florida last night at home in their final tune-up, 75-62. The entire USF team and the officiating crew were late to the game due to weather problems, but it didn't seem to hamper the Bulls. They hung tough for the first 25-30 minutes then PITT pulled away. I don't like playing this game, but against USF, PITT wins by 12 at home after USF has flight problems . On the road, the Cards beat the Bulls by 14 after having flight trouble out of Louisville. It has to be a good sign. Right? Yesterday's win guaranteed PITT would come into town with an undefeated record.

- All indications are the Cards have had a couple good days of practice with hopefully a couple more to come before Saturday. The team looked as good as they have all year against ND, especially in OT. Terrence Jennings is now becoming that"key" to the team that Pitino preached in the preseason. Samardo is finally throwing his weight around. Both will be key against the man Jay Bilas calls the best offensive rebounder in the country - DeJuan Blair. I doubt both Mardo and TJ will stay out of foul-trouble, so it's going to have to take a collective effort to succeed in the paint.

- George Goode should be available on Saturday after resting a week or so to recover a stress fracture in his leg. The emergence of Jennings has softened the blow of losing Goode, but in the Beast that is the BIG EAST teams can never have enough front-court depth. Coach Pitino might have more answers at tomorrow's press conference.

- There is an extremely bad vibe coming from the Schnellenberger Complex right now. As Andy touched on yesterday, there are rumors flying around about coaches being forced out against there will, MAJOR MAJOR players thinking about leaving, and just an all-around negative atmosphere. I have heard from multiple people that there is a "bombshell" about the football team - not regarding Brohm - that is about to be dropped. I don't want to speculate as to what it is, but enough people have said that "something" is coming and I believe it to be true. As always, I'll keep my ear to the ground.

- Hey, the Cards got a commitment from the 101st rated safety in the country!! Plus, he has a pretty cool name - Richard "Champ" Lee. He runs a 4.5 40 (allegedly) and is the cousin of RB Bilal Powell. According to the Jody Demling, Lee chose the Cards over Ball St, Central Michigan, and West Virginia. Is this guy a diamond in the rough or is Krag to the point where he is asking players if they have any relatives with eligibility left? Some questions just don't get answered until the ball is snapped.

- Why can't Krag and Jurich have a damn heart and release Latarrius Thomas play for Eastern Michigan? The guy has already served his time here through all the injuries, coaching changes, good times and bad. He has 1 year left. If he feels it necessary to continue it somewhere else, so be it. But since when did we become the Big Bad Wolf? Thomas has seen Louisville football at it's best (Orange Bowl) and worst (Syracuse...twice!). He obviously doesn't like the direction it is going. LT has earned my respect, but obviously not that of Krag or General Jurich. Same conference or UK - I understand. I even somewhat understand Arkansas. But blocking someone from going to Eastern Michigan? Give me a break.

- A new website has been started by U of L to make the transition from Freedom Hall to Denny Crum Arena (I'm calling it that from now on regardless what they name it). gives you a live webcam, countdown, ticket request forms, and a seating chart. No word on the student section yet as the arena authority must work that out with the student government. I call for a lower level, on-the-floor section called the "Red Zone" or something to that effect. Knowing who is championing this operation, my guess is some blue-haired donors who could give a %$& less about the Cards will be occupying most of the lower-level. I, on the other hand, will be losing my voice in the nose-bleeds with the guy that whistles like a Cardinal bird and the true fans. $250 bucks - not bad.

Coming Up....10 Ways to Beat PITT & more on the debacle that is Cardinal football

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