Friday, January 2, 2009

Cup o' Jones: Hangover Edition

Hope everyone had a good New Year's and got the day off work (not me!) to relax and watch some football. It's Pride week here at the L Yes!, therefore one of my favorite pastimes - making fun of Kayut (that's cat in English) fans. Here's your daily dose of COJ...

- Ah, those cheaters in Rednexington. I know most of you all have heard of Kentucky's Emory package deals to players in the Eddie Sutton days. And by "Emory package" I mean envelopes with thousands of dollars in cash. Probation followed and Pitino bailed them out. I also know you've heard of the game fixing back in the Rupp years. If you haven't you should read this report titled "The Dark Side of Kentucky Basketball" by a freelance writer who failed to mention his name, but did cite all the sleazy incidents. Not saying the Cards have been angels over the years (no probation), but Kentucky is to college basketball what Chicago is to politics or Tony Soprano is to waste management.

- I was reading a message board (I read-no posting) and there was a thread about Rick Pitino's ouster as coach. I hope the audience here is a little more intelligent than that. Pitino is the only thing that kept Louisville basketball afloat after the Denny Crum era. You know who the second choice was? Larry Eustachy (A Jurich crony). For someone to be so stupid as to question him being here after a few bad early games should have their fanhood revoked.

- Edgar Sosa is now a proud papa as he had a child this week. Not himself, but a beautiful young lady of whom I'm unfamiliar and Sosa must have been seeing "socially". No word yet on either the sex or name. As it does with many men, fatherhood can change perspective on things and make someone grow up real quick. This is a perfect case of just that. Congrats Edgar and may this turn into more good things to come in the future.

- I'm assuming that a lot of Card fans share the same empty feeling that I do with the football team failing to make a bowl game. I guess 9 straight did spoil me, but according to General Jurich, us as fans should not expect to "go to the Orange Bowl every week". The way thing are looking we won't be going to a Papa John's Bowl, much less an Orange, this week, month, year, decade, generation if Jurich keeps the expectations low so he saves face whenever anything remotely good occurs and fails to admit he made his first mistake in nearly 10 years as AD. In the meantime, while I'm asked to lower my expectations, UK is playing in the Liberty Bowl, a game that we have won 3 times. Oh, and they're loading up on all the top in-state players while we sign guys from Podunk CC. If you're really rebuilding, then take HS talent over JUCO's so you have more time to develop them in the system. What a friggin train wreck. Enough already.

- Here's video of the first ever Dream Game OT period where the Cards absolutely murder the Kayuts to take the inaugural battle. I was two days old when this game was played...

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  1. i think i could play better bball than the cats did in OT