Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cup O' Jones : Hump Day Edition

Don't you have such a better day right after a big win like the Cards had on Monday night? I know I do...

- An Arizona Star article Tuesday suggested Coach Pitino could be one of the prime candidates to be the next coach of the team he lost to in the 1997 final game, Arizona. The people out in Tuscon basically think they can get whoever they want, kind of like the Mildcats did when they hired Gillispie. It's just not going to happen. Pitino is an East-Coast guy with his only job further west than Louisville being a brief stint with Hawaii in the 70's. Pitino's roots are here. I think this guy is just running out of ideas beyond Gonzaga coach Mark Few, who I think will be the next Arizona head man.

- The Cards, specifically Earl Clark and T-Will were featured in one of the best college basketball blogs besides the L Yes! yesterday. Yahoo! Sports' The Dagger posted the YouTube of E5 posterizing Frankengody for the whole nation to see. Oh, my fault, everybody already saw it because it was the #1 play on SportsCenter. Also, writer Eamonn Brennan posted a nightly breakdown with the headline 'Terrence Williams and the prettiest stat line ever'. Can't disagree with him one bit. good to see the Cards back in the national spotlight after losing some preseason hype with the early losses.

- It is a mute point because of the 16-2 whoop we laid on the Irish in OT, but it needs to be said that the Cards and T-Will had a legitimate beef at the end of regulation when they forced a steal and T-Will dunk as the clock expired. First off, Preston Knowles got absolutely trucked at halfcourt, which should have been 2 shots with about 2.5 seconds to go. After that, the questionable over-and-back was called when the whistle should have simply been left alone. Like in every other sport, a tie goes to the man with the advantage and the replay showed both Frankengody and T-Will meeting at the ball simultaneously. T-Will's potential game-winning dunk would have more than likely beat the clock. Like they say, "the ball don't lie", but if it did and the Cards somehow fell in OT, there would be some pretty irate Card fans.

- I like how Pitino has a whole week to prepare for #1 PITT. There is no doubt he will need it. This gives him the opportunity to incorporate a couple new offensive sets to get a post-man open or a wide open three. At least something that isn't on game film yet. The Cards' defense will have there hands full, especially inside where PITT might have the best front-court in the country. Having a couple plays that catch the Panthers off-guard or get us a needed bucket will be crucial to have in our back pocket Saturday night. Probably won't happen, but it's a definite possibility. We will be breaking down this game the rest of the week so stay tuned.

- A couple football notes... Nothing new on the Brohm front as a Tuesday night - no telling what is next, but of course if I hear anything I will let you know. 2009 LB Mike Privott is staying a Card and might be bringing a teammate with him. 6-2 210lb RB Boogie McCray is undecided on where he will attend college next year and may follow Privott to Louisville. McCray is from the football hot-bed of Hampton, VA that has produced guys like Mike Vick and Ronald Curry. We'll see how this transpires in the next couple weeks.

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