Monday, January 5, 2009

Plus/Minus for UK Win

Here are your plus/minus ratings for the dramatic win against UK on Sunday. Again this is determined by how the team fares when an individual player comes in the game. For example when Will Scott came into the game at 17:14 in the 2nd half the Cards were down one (42-43). When he left at the 15:35 mark, the Cards led by eight (51-43). Down one to up eight means a +9 rating for Willis. Not only does he boost the team GPA, sometimes he even helps the team's record. Minutes played are in parentheses.


Edgar "I can do NO wrong" Sosa (26) - +4
Jerry "Raindrops" Smith (29) - -1
Terrence "You know my nickname already" Williams (36) - EVEN
Earl "6 more TO's than Porter" Clark (36) - +3
Samardo "Foul trouble" Samuels (11) - +4

Andre "Buckets" McGee (14) - -1
George "not in MY hood" Goode (22) - EVEN
Terrence "Where am I?" Jennings (6) - -2
Preston "Meeks won't hit that"Knowles (10) - -4
Kyle "Baby Chitwood" Kuric (4) - +4
Jared "Look who I'm backing up" Swopshire (4) - -7
Will "I promise I'm not injured coach" Scott (2) - +9 ... I repeat +9

- When I was calculating these up today, I was completely shocked that Will Scott had the best rating of anyone on the team. He did benefit from being on the floor during UL's biggest run of the game, a 9-0 spurt following Billy Clyde's technical after UK took it's first lead 43-42, but he scored 4 of the 9 points. 2 minutes played, 4 points - I'll take that all day from our Rhodes scholar.

- Before Tim Higgins and his group of officiating goons called Mardo for his second foul at the 15:09 mark of the first half, the Cards were up 7 and rolling. Mardo was forced to sit t
he last 15 minutes due to foul trouble. For someone not named Derrick Caracter to commit 4 fouls in 8 minutes is completely ridiculous. He was in for a total of 3 seconds between his 3rd and 4th fouls - Not saying he didn't deserve a couple fouls, but that's absurd. Higgins should be tied up on 4th St. some Saturday night so Card fans can throw tomatoes and rotten fruit at his face. Sorry - I just hate that guy.

- The single worst segment was by Earl Clark from the 7:30 to :30 mark in the 2nd half where he was a -9. 2 turnovers, 2 fouls, and 2 missed shots in the final minutes. It was obvious that Clark wasn't very pleased with his play by seeing his demeanor on the bench in the waning moments. He was saved from being the goat by a guy who most perceived as the goat before the game.

- T-Will is a beast comes to playing long stretches. He sat a total of ZERO minutes in the 2nd half scoring 15 points on 5-6 from the field (3-4 from 3). He grabbed 7 on his 8 boards in the 2nd stanza as well. He pretty much embodies what this team is all about, being better conditioned and wearing the opposition down at the end of games. T-Will floated under the radar all day and then you look at his stat line and are simply amazed. He's slowly becoming what David Padgett was last year.

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