Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last Minute Notes

OK. Now I'm getting a tad bit nervous. Not because of the team we are playing, but the official calling the game. Red-nosed Irishman Tim Higgins has been a thorn in the side of Card fans for at least 20 years. Most recently, he called the Western game in Nashville, blowing his whistle more than a damn band leader. As ESPN analyst and fellow red-noser Bill Raftery would say, Higgins calls a lot of "small change" and "nickle-dimer" fouls that any normal referee wouldn't. How will this affect the Cards? With our press and guards who love to get all up in the oppositions kitchen, Higgins could force us to back off due to foul trouble. I guarantee this guy has something to do with the outcome of the game. He always does. Whether it be calling 2 quick fouls on somebody or not letting the teams play basketball at an enjoyable pace, Higgins has to be the center of attention. A terrible, terrible official who should hang up the whistle as soon as possible.

- Coach Pitino and Jerry Smith talked with the media yesterday. Here is the link to the audio.

-Excited to see Clark Kellogg in his new role as lead analyst for CBS this year. Kellogg is a breath of fresh air and always comes up with cool terms, such as "spurtability". One of the best in the business and a far cry from the always negative Billy Packer. Kellogg will be joined by Kevin Harlan, who is the second best announcer in college basketball behind one Mr. Gus Johnson. Good for us broke fans that have to watch in the luxury of our homes and not the world's greatest arena.

- Who is going to guard Earl Clark? I have scoured the UK roster and have yet to find someone that is going to be able to man up with E5. Darius Miller? Kevin Galloway? Perry Stevenson? Are you joking? If Clark comes to play, he should have an absolutely HUGE day.

- T-minus 90 minutes to tip-off. I'm pacing around the house like a friggin mad man. I just want the game to go ahead and start so I can prove to all the Blue-bloods wrong and shut them up. I don't see how a team that lost to VMI in Rupp can be so confident going into the Hall against a Final 4 contender. I guess that's UK fans for you.

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