Monday, January 5, 2009

Cup o' Jones: Cisco Edition

- Francisco Garcia was in the stands for the "Dream Game" Sunday dressed to impress. He looks like he didn't get to the hotel to change after church that morning. Cisco was able to attend because the Kings were in Indianapolis Saturday night, losing to the Pacers 122-117. Cisco's 10 points were overshadowed by Kings teammate Kevin Martin's 45. Great to see Mr. Garcia back in the Hall to see such an exciting game. Maybe having his idol in the stands made Sosa play that much better.

- I'm kind of weary about getting commitments from guys before their junior year, but the Cards got 2 verbals from Lawrence North sophomores Ryan Taylor and Michael Chandler. It was first reported by the man, myth and legend Jody Demling on his C-J blog. Both players are considered as top talents in the 2011 class. Taylor is a 6'6 forward and Chandler a 6-11 big man. this continues the pipeline from Lawrence North with PF Steve Van Treese due in next year, swingman Justin Martin the following and the Taylor/Chandler combo the year after that. 09 commitments Mike Marra and Rakeem Buckles were also in attendance along with Marquis Teague, a top-5 player in the 2011 class.

- Demling also reported that Krag is getting in good with Central stud LB Tim Patterson, someone we have been waiting for the Cards to contact. Patterson is a self-admitted Card fan and given the right attention, could commit sometime before next season. As I've always said, it is essential for Krag to get in good with the local talent if this whole rebuilding thing is going to work.

- In typical UK fashion, Billy Clyde is blaming us making foul shots for his team's loss. I didn't hear his post game show but someone who listened told me that he was giving the Cards absolutely no credit and said he didn't expect us to shoot the ball so well from the charity stripe. I even had a UK fan tell me that the better team lost yesterday. I'm working on getting one of my UK fan buddies to do a Dave Letterman style Top Ten list of excuses they have for losing this game. I think sour grapes are on the menu for the next couple days in the Little Blue nation. Haha.

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