Thursday, January 1, 2009

Help Wanted : Shooter

We are a preseason top 5 team and potential Final Four team in seek of someone who can hit a shot. We are looking for someone who can help raise a team three point percentage of 34% (153rd nationally) and improve a roster that currently ranks 200 (out of 343) in field goals made.

Applicants will be teamed with talented front line that is averaging 38 points and 23 rebounds a game and includes a talented Freshman center that is ranked 6th nationally in points per game (14.7). We rank 17th in the country in assists per page (17.5) but don't expect to see the ball again if it enters the post or certain point guards hands.

You must be able to knock down open shot from beyond nineteen-feet, as well hit a free throw (Cards ranked 263rd nationally in percentage). Also must be able to offer more then just a rise in the teams GPA or medical advice from your parents, along with shooting skills.

Some defense ability is required.

Louisville is a equal opportunity employer (5 different players with more then 35 three point attempts already this season). If you are a potential threat from beyond the arc and will knock down a shot instead of just pump faking every time then please contact Head Coach Rick Pitino.

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