Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cup O' Jones : A-Fraud Edition

- I know you're wondering what the hell is up with this picture, but examine a little closer and you'll find the one and only A-FRAUD (bottom right) with a girl who looks like she has braces and snuck out of her parents house to get "crunk" with the baseball team. Pretty funny. Now to things that are more along our subject line....

- Hope you got to check out the new FREAK SHOW w/ JOHN RENSHAW on the CW last night and - if you haven't already - set that series recording on your DVR. The best in the biz - Jeff Goodman of FoxSports.com - will join the Freak tonight to talk some college hoops and definitely make fun of the Kentucky basketball program and their fans. Also, I know Goodman is high on the Cards, but he also knows how to point out the most glaring weaknesses on good teams. it will be interesting to see/hear what he has to say. Oh, and if you call the damn show, turn down your TV. Amateurs. You're making me look bad. Freak Show - 11:30PM right after Oprah on Louisville's CW (Ch. 7 Insight). Make sure you check out LouisvilleSportsBuzz.com as well

- The Lady Cards dropped a heartbreaker to #1 UCONN by 28 last night. Ridiculous is and understatement when talking about the Husky women (haha). In the past week or so, they have beaten two top 6 teams (#2 UNC, #7 UL) by almost 60 points combined. Maya Moore (supposed POY candidate) had 27 and 11 for UCONN and our girl Angel had 24 and 13, a valiant effort. Not much difference there. The Cards held their own for a little bit in the first half, leading at one point 32-31 then the Husky women went on a huge run and never looked back. Like Moore said after the game, "Just another day at the office" for UCONN. B*%&#

- The Cards were looking good on ESPN.com yesterday. A #2 seed in Joe Lunardi's Bracketology in the Indianapolis region with Duke as the #1 seed. I have no problem playing the Devils as opposed to say Carolina or Wake. We could rattle their guards easily and they don't match up with us down low. Also, the man with the weirdest hairdo in television next to Chris Berman - Andy Katz - wrote an article about the Cards with some good quotes from Terrence Williams. My favorite being..."What we did is listen to our Hall of Fame coach instead of our own agendas, we're thinking of we now, not our own agendas.'' That's what I'm talking about. Awesome that the Cards are getting back into that national spotlight - huge for NCAA seeding and recruiting.

- Bad news is Pitino said on his radio show that Earl Clark hyper-extended his knee late in the game against Syracue and missed practice. Very scary. However, E5 will return to practice tomorrow and play Wednesday against South Florida. Hopefully this is something that won't bug him for the rest of the year and cause him to lose his explosiveness. But we all saw how much it hampered T-Will, so I expect Earl to be fine as well after only missing 1 day.

- Pitino has a presser today at 2. If anyone can go and get some audio just tell Kenny Klien I sent you. Not really, but the audio should be on the Courier or UofLSports.com website in the late afternoon. I'll get a link up as soon as it's posted

- Sorry for the shortness of this column (that's what he said). I'm Tired. More to come later.

Starting 5
1. SportsbyBrooks - Is Tony Romo turning Jess into Jabba the Hut? ( For all you Romo haters out there - Sweeney/Trevor - the worst thing that can happen to a man besides castration ( no offense ladies) has stricken him. Maybe she fell in love with Baconators. I still thinks she's smokin' though. Check it out for yourself)
2. James Rees - NCAA Outsider - NCAA Great Debates: Who is the Hottest of the Hot? (This guy compares Louisville to some other top-notch teams in a debate style piece)
3. The Big Lead - It's Good to Be: A College Football Assistant Coach (unless you work under Krag or your name is Claude Bassett)
4. Jeff Goodman - FoxSports - Gottfried out at Alabama (Is Tubby an option? Goodman seems to think so. Interesting tidbit on Ronald Steele as well)
5. Brian Bennett - ESPN Blogger Nation - Where BIG EAST recruits come from, Parts 1 and 2 (Ours says Florida - it should be more like Desperation Island or any JuCo in America - what a disgrace)

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