Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jennings stepping it up against the Big East

The Cards are 5-0 in Big East play and a huge part of that has been the play of Freshman center Terrence Jennings. He (Jennings) reminds me of another Terrence....Terrence Farley, as a Senior of course.

Jennings is still very raw offensively, averaging only 2.2 points a game this season but since Big East play has begun, Jennings has stepped up his game giving Fellow Freshman Samardo Samuels well deserved breaks. Through five conference games Jennings is averaging 15 minutes a game, a heavy increase from the 5.5 minutes he was averaging out of conference, including not even playing in four of those games.

Terrence has made the most of his extra time, averaging 3.4 blocks a game. With three blocks against Notre Dame, all of them against Big East POY Luke Harangody in the post one on one, came in the clutch. Unfortunately as good as he has developed defensively, offensively he is still has a long way to go.

One plus on his offensive is that he is willing to try to attack the rim with anger every chance he gets and runs the court well....but you get him in a half court and he is basically done. Luckily the Cards don't need that from him just yet.

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  1. Don't forget that he totally picked Levance Fields' pocket and took it in for an easy dunk. I still can't believe that he did that.