Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Latarrius Thomas, NFL Playoffs

For those of you still interested, is reporting Latarrius Thomas has decided to transfer to Eastern Michigan, U of L's promise not to release him notwithstanding. This means he'd have to sit out 2 years before seeing the playing field.

In other news, those of us still following the NFL Playoffs are anxiously awaiting Sweeney's conference championship outlook. What's that? The Giants-come-lately are all one and done? The mediocrity that is Eli Manning finally came to surface without Plaxico Burress?

Guess we'll be settling for watching teams whose "mediocre play gets them too much praise" this Sunday. Guess we'll all be watching those yellow towels waiving around again, no matter how sick of them some of you may be.

I'll take the Big Ben and that Steel Curtain D - featuring Louisville's own William Gay - by a touchdown. And that's just straight from my gut.

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