Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cup O' Jones : Starting 5

The wrap-up about USF is about all I have to say about the world of sports as it associates with the Cards, but for the people out there that just can't get enough of it here are some links to get you through this Thursday....

The Starting 5

1. SportsByBrooks - Ex-Buc Rice Rips "Scumbag" Gruden (I don't care how bad you were in you prime Simeon - we have problems if you're calling UofL's next coach a "scumbag". However, maybe this is a sign that Gruden has burned his bridges in the NFL and will now turn to resurrecting a football program (hint-hint). I'm not giving up on this by the way.)

2. Dan Collins - Winston-Salem Journal - Finding Redemption (Wake Forest is the real deal and they proved it by outlasting Duke last night in what was a great finish. Here's what the local papers had to say about the team John Renshaw says is going to win the title)

3. Eamonn Brennan - Yahoo's the Dagger - Gary Williams in vicious deathmatch with Maryland officials (Looks like this is going to be the swan song for Mr. Williams who is looking like a dead-man-walking after this tussle with the AD office over who released 2 key recruits)

4. Rick Chandler - Deadspin - Not-so Secret Orgin of Bud Bowl, Including Surprise Alternate Ending (I always liked the Bud Bowl - sometimes more than the actual game. it needs to be brought back immediately)

5. Andrew Carter - Orlando Sentinel - Steelers DB William Gay persevered from tough Tallahassee youth, and even his old coach isn't quite sure how (I hope he doesn't jump offsides trying to block a game-winning Super Bowl kick that misses - I don't think the Pittsburgh fans would be as understanding as us)

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