Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cup O' Jones : Mythbuster Edition

- Is it just me being a selfish (sometimes biased) fan or does it seem like people are giving UK more credit for losing than us for winning? The Cards were up 7 with 50 seconds to go and if it weren't for a couple quick whistles and absolutely inept turnovers they could have won by 10. Clark and Samuels both played terrible and the only thing somewhat uncommon thing the Cards did was actually hit some shots. In turn, we got the Cats' best. They average 18 TO's (around 25 against BCS teams) and committed a common 21 against Pitino's top-ranked defensive unit, mostly in the first half. TO's are a part of UK's identity as a team this year - bottom line. Whipping boy Michael Porter played his best game ever, clocking 33 minutes with ZERO TO's and 2 3's that he usually doesn't make. Patterson and Meeks combined for 50 points, something they've done only a few times all year. Also, the Cats played almost half the game (around 17 minutes) in the bonus and our top scorer played only 11 minutes with foul trouble. If I told you that before the game, you wouldn't have believed the Cards would only trail once for a little more than a second. The better team won and I hope the Cats enjoy the moral victory. As we all know, the excuses will flow for a few weeks.

- Jody Demling is at it again, talking to 2011 stud Marquis Teague's father after the game Sunday. Teague would be a huge pull for Pitino. The Indianapolis Pike sophomore guard is a consensus top-10 player in his class. Teague's father, Shawn, played for Pitino at Boston U and his brother, Jeff, is starring for undefeated Wake Forest currently. Demling says speculation was abound that Teague had committed with Ryan Tayor and Mike Chandler. The elder Teague rebuffed that rumor by saying Marquis will wait until after the season to make a decision, but added that UL is very high on his son's list. Indiana is extremely high on the super soph, wanting to end the talent flight out of the Hoosier state that has been going on for nearly 10 years. Is this the first of many Pitino/Crean recruiting battles? Wake Forest is another school that scares me on his list as well due to the family connection. Richard Pitino has been given the keys to the recruiting bus and is just completely killing it (that's good killing it).

- Even though I took it with a grain of salt - even calling it sarcastic - on Sunday, I guess Pitino did tell Sosa it was time to move on - unless this is just some big conspiracy. Sosa confirmed it in the post-game presser. That is just crazy to me. A coach tells a player his time here may be up, the player asks the coach for just one more chance, then player hits a game winning 3 to beat said coach's former employer and hated rival. It seems like an episode of 'The White Shadow' or 'Fresh Prince', not big-time real-life college basketball. All this newfound media attention is making me wonder whether Sos' is going to turn the corner or let this to to his head just like his other "signature" game.

- Cards slip in both polls to 21 in the coaches and 23 in the AP. I predicted we would fall out due to the home loss, but I think voters saw the Cards people expected to see before the season Sunday. Well, at least for parts of the game. As long as we stay around this area or higher, the Final 4 is still a definite possibility. anything much lower would put us in that 6-9 seed range that is such a tough road to take.

- Coach P will have his weekly press conference this morning at 11 before the Cards deoart for Tampa for Wednesday's game against South Florida. We will be there and have a complete roundup sometime this evening. Hopefully we'll hear more about the Sosa situation, Earl and Samardo's struggles, and how he feels about this team going into Big East play.

- For your viewing pleasure, the last 6 minutes of Sunday's game. Make sure you watch it in a crowded are with the volume full blast.....

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